A Short Guide to Being Alone

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”

Have you ever found that sometimes works or school is a little bit too stressing? That sometimes life is a little bit overwhelming? That sometimes everything seems a bit too much? I have. And at those times, I need to escape somewhere, to my oasis, solitude.

Most people can’t stand to be alone. Maybe it’s the sense of boredom or the feelings of isolation. Or maybe it’s the fear of feeling lonely. But for me, being alone can sometimes bring the feeling of ease. Sometimes it brings joy. Sometimes it helps me solve my problems too. That’s why I think you too should try to have some “me” time. I’ll guide you to master the art of being alone.

Start small

Going to the movie or dining out alone may seem a little bit too much for beginners. So, I suggest you to start small. Whether it’s taking a 15-minute walk or meditating or sitting in the park alone, starting small makes you comfortable with the feeling of being alone. You can also do any other things you love.


What’s the point of being alone if your phone still distracts you by notifying of new e-mail, text, or that tweet of your friends? Try to disconnect! You don’t have to leave it off completely for the whole day. Just like I said before, start small. Leave it for some minutes, then hours, until you get used to it. After that, you can just focus on yourself and enjoy your time.

Schedule a “me” time

To get comfortable being alone, you should try it over and over again. So, try to schedule your “me” time. Whether it’s an hour a day or a day a week, try what’s comfortable to you. It’s important for you to keep accountable of yourself.

Take a bigger step

Once you’re comfortable with being alone. Try to take a bigger step. You can try to start shopping or going to the movie alone. You may then realise how many other people out there enjoying their time alone.

That covers up all the basic of being alone. When it’s all a bit too much for you, remember to start small. Let yourself enjoy that alone times.

5 thoughts on “A Short Guide to Being Alone

  1. Nice article…. I do love being alone sometimes, it’s actually refreshing. Most of my friends think I’m crazy when I say I went to the movies alone, they say it’s boring and could cause depression but the truth is i really enjoy those moments (me times)☺

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  2. I think it takes time to feel comfortable being alone. When I was in my early 20s, I moved to a different part of the country and knew hardly anyone…it was there that I learned to be comfortable being alone. It took time and even though I made lots of new friends, as I grew as a person, I was able to go to the movies alone, eat breakfast at a diner alone (reading the newspaper), etc.

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  3. This is excellent advice. Alone time is so very important in a person’s growth toward being a better human being. Even extroverts need to take some time off and become “accountable of themselves.” Thanks, Irving.


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