Why You Should Always Carry A Notebook

After 4 long weeks, my Field Notes finally arrived from the USA yesterday. I’ll write a review about them later. But today, I want to tell you the reasons why I decided to start carrying notebook wherever I go and why you should too.

The Benefits of A Pocket Notebook

First off, let’s talk about how great a simple pocket notebook can be. Pocket notebook is very good because it is very easy to carry, while giving you a ton of utility. Some benefits of carrying a pocket notebook are:

  • It is convenient. Do you suddenly get an idea while you take a stroll in the park? Grab your notebook and write it down. Just met someone and need to remember their names or number? Jot it down. See how convenient it is when you need something to write and you’ve got your notebook ready all the time?
  • No battery life. Well, a smartphone is usually more convenient to do all those things above. But the battery usually died at the worst and most unexpected time. With a notebook, you don’t have to worry about it being unavailable when you need it the most. At least, you always know when your notebook is running out of paper and when to buy a new one.
  • Organizing made easy. Do you write down your thoughts, notes, or to-dos on a scrap of paper or index cards? If you do, you might probably get some difficulties when trying to reach it in another time. By using a pocket notebook, you can have all your notes, thoughts and information all in one place, therefore making it easier to organize and to find later.
  • It helps you learn better. Taking notes is scientifically proven to increase your cognitive abilities. It will help you memorize things better rather than if you type to take notes. This could happen because writing is more actively engaging to your brain than typing does.

How We Could Use A Pocket Notebook in Our Life

A pocket notebook have countless uses. Whether it be writing down some notes on observations, your thoughts or a simple to-do list. You can do anything with a pocket notebook. But here are a few ideas to put your notebook into a good use:

  • To-Do Lists. A pocket notebook that is always with you is a perfect place to store some important to-do lists, right?
  • Micro Journal. While a pocket notebook might not be enough to write a journal, you can start a micro journal. If you don’t know how to start, write the most important thing that happened to your life everyday. It’s very great for your mental health. It’s also very fun to read your past writings and look back into what happened in your life in the past too!
  • Logbook. Well, you can track and log everything in your pocket notebook. Trying to lose some weight? Track down your diet, weight, and exercises everyday. Trying to build some habit? Track it down in your notebook. Want to keep track about restaurants you visited and the best food they have? Why not?
  • Class or Lecture Notes. Learnt something in your class? Write it down to remember it later. This applies not only when you are learning in class, it also applies when you try to learn from a book or a talk. It really help you absorb and process information better.

Field Notes 2

What Notebook to Use

There are actually countless number of pocket notebooks you can buy in your local stationery store. But, I have found my criteria for the perfect pocket notebook:

  • Bound by staples, not spiral. A spiral-bound notebook is very uncomfortable to store in your back pocket, it hurts and very bulky. The papers also fell apart easily with a little wear.
  • Good paper quality and durabilityI don’t want my notebook to fall apart easily, whatever I’m doing. I want it to be easy to write on while maintaining the readability of my writings.
  • Convenient SizeI want my notebook to snug easily into my pocket. But I don’t want it to be too small to write any thoughts on.

Based on these criteria, I found three perfect candidate: Moleskine, Rhodia, and Field Notes. However, all of those notebooks aren’t available in Indonesia. Well, actually Moleskine is available, but I can’t seem to afford the price. Rhodia is hard to obtain. So, I choose Field Notes, which is affordable and ships to Indonesia. Overall, I’m impressed with the quality of the notebook. It’s far ahead from the generic notebooks I’ve had before.

So, what do you think about carrying a pocket notebook? How do you use it in your life?

One thought on “Why You Should Always Carry A Notebook

  1. I agree in all of your points, I usually use pocket notebook for listing expenses not for writing my thoughts. I do enjoy buying notebooks, any size but usually with beautiful covers (nature mostly) but some of them are really costly. Thank you for these suggestions, I know these but I guess my laziness get the best of me. 🙂


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