How to Deal With Uncertainty

I took a test to learn my decision making style recently. It turns out that I’m a data-driven decision maker. It means that my decision is based on the information I have. Numbers, research and reason is key to the decision I make and the path I take. I always plan before I do something. Even a little uncertainty can stop me from taking an action. Uncertainties often left me confused and anxious. Uncertainty is my enemy, I fear them.

Luckily, it seems that we can overcome uncertainty if we want to. There are some ways we can deal uncertainties with. Although I haven’t mastered them yet, I have tried doing several of them constantly and I find them very helpful. So, now I’m going to share some of these things to you.

1. Plan Better

The best way to avoid uncertainty is by trying to avoid it altogether. You can make the future cope with you instead you coping to the future. But, how? By improving your plan.  Try to analyze every single thing that could happen and make your plan to overcome them. That way you will always be ready, no matter what.

2. Be Ready and Confident

Now, what if you missed something? Don’t worry, we are all constantly missing a thing here and there. If something happens outside of your plan, be ready for it. Be confident with your ability to cope and adapt to new things. Assure yourself that you can get through everything, that you can overcome whatever difficulties may lay ahead.

3. Learn to Deal With It

You might not feel confident with some uncertainty at some point. It probably caused by your lack of skill to overcome the uncertainty. Try to learn some helpful skills. Try to learn how to socialize and how to make friends, so you can be confident when you go into a place with no one you know. Try to develop the ability to navigate, so you are ready when you are lost in a new city. Try to learn how to live with as little thing as possible so you can still survive when you lost almost everything in your life.

4. Train Yourself by Constantly Trying Something New

Sometimes it’s all about habit. If you are constantly exposed to uncertainty, you might not have a hard time dealing with it. So, I suggest you to constantly trying new things. Start small and safe, like learning new languages a word a day, or trying to cook a new food every day, perhaps you can try to learn new skills. They might seem scary at first, but as you are constantly exposed to these uncertainties, you will slowly get used to it until you have no problem at all dealing with them.

5. Enjoy The Chaos

When you don’t know what to do anymore, enjoying the chaos might be your last option. Instead of seeing the uncertainties as a bad thing, try to think of it as a joyful experience. Try think from the positive side. You will soon realize that the uncertainties you get might open a whole new possibilities for you. These uncertainties would probably make your life much better in the future. Who knows?

Now it’s your turn, how do you deal with uncertainty?

6 thoughts on “How to Deal With Uncertainty

  1. Some great advice you have there for everyone of us.

    Despite acute planning randomness creeps in so enjoying the chaos is a great suggestion.

    Best Wishes,

    Anand 🙂


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