You Are Not Stuck In Traffic, You Are The Traffic

Today’s Writing 101 assignment is to pick one of four images and try to write something about it. As I was looking at the image, I found one that struck my mind. It was this image of a busy city. I immediately think to write something about it, particularly about traffic.

This morning, I ride my motorbike from my house to the campus for about 20 minutes while it would normally take only 5-10 minutes. The traffic was so busy and I was stuck into it. As I was looking around, I saw cars, many cars, with only 1 person in each of them. Then I realized what makes the traffic so bad.

Now, imagine there are 100 people stuck in the traffic with me. Assuming each person uses 1 car, there are 100 cars there. If only all of them took the bus, there would only be 2 buses in the road. There won’t be a traffic jam anymore, the problem is solved! To illustrate my point better, look at this video. (Sorry I couldn’t credit the owner of the video because I can’t identify the source. If you know the source, let me know!)


You get me?

Well, this problem could occur in Indonesia because of some things:

  • Bad public transportation system (not roadworthy buses, no light rail train, uncomfortable angkot).
  • Very narrow street everywhere with no indication of an upgrade.
  • Buying car and motorbike is very easy with very cheap instalment and no regulation.
  • Getting a driver license is very very easy (no test, you can just pay and get your license instantly!)
  • Very cheap fuel, this basically encourage people to buy more car, in my opinion.

So, how can we make people go with public transportation, instead of their own car?

  • Make buying and owning car and motorbike harder and more expensive (more administrative requirements, higher tax, higher parking rate, more expensive fuel, etc.)
  • Make obtaining driver license harder (harder test, higher cost, more administrative requirements, etc.)
  • Increase the quality of the public transportation systems while subsidizing them, at least at first, just to attract more people.
  • Start from ourselves! Try to use your car less, opt in for a bike or public transportation instead.

Well, I know that it’s only a dream right now. But I hope that the government and the people will realize all these things soon.

18 thoughts on “You Are Not Stuck In Traffic, You Are The Traffic

  1. I live in a place where I need a car especially when I need to see my family members or getting to work/school. Believe me, I hate driving, but I need a car to get to places. Making cars more expensive wouldn’t solve anything (they’re already really expensive!). I would suggest making buses more feasible and numerous.


    1. Yeah I agree with you. We can’t just increase the price of the car everywhere! At least in big cities where there are already too many cars we can do it, right?
      As with the buses, that’s exactly what we want! But I don’t know, I just think it won’t get better in the near future, considering my country’s current condition 😦


  2. I enjoyed this article and picture, but couldn’t get the full import of it.

    Can you tell me please?

    Also–which stream you are pursuing? I have a feeling that you study something technical. 🙂

    Anand 🙂


      1. I meant “clear meaning.” I thought so. I had a degree in Electronics and Communication 🙂
        Have a nice weekend, Irvin 🙂


  3. Same issue here in Manila! 😔 the other day i was stuck in traffic for 5 hours!!!!! Normally it takes me 2 hours. I wanted to cry. Just a lot of wasted hours


  4. We’re facing the same problem here too. I guess by making buying cars/motorbikes more expensive couldn’t address the root of the problem. No matter how expensive motorvehicles get, people will still buy it because it’s the only way of transporting safely to our destination. The public transport needs a long term plan of revamping. This, I think at least we’re going in the correct direction.


    1. Yeah I agree with the public transportation part
      But the problem as I see it is there are way too many vehicles out there on the road! Even the poorest family can still afford a motorbike with that cheap instalment.
      I think if we can make the road less cluttered, at least the traffic will get better, right?

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