The Space to Write

I just started my writing habit recently, no more than 3 months ago. Now, with the assignment from the 6th day of Writing 101 course, I would like to share about my writing habits and about how I write.

What are your writing habits?

I used to write everyday in the morning, just after I take the shower and have a breakfast. But, since a couple of weeks ago, I changed that habit because I now have classes in the morning. So, I try to write whenever I can, usually at around 8 or 9 in the evening.

Because my mind has already worn out by the evening, I usually gather the idea in the afternoon when I’m taking a break from the classes. Getting an idea for a post in the middle of the class is not unusual too, so I always bring my pocket notebook to jot them right when I get them so I won’t lost them.

What equipment or supplies do you use to write?

I never use a special equipment or supplies to write, I only use three things: my mind, my hand, and my MacBook. I don’t use a certain software to write too. I usually write directly on WordPress editor. I do this because I often do some research before I write, by writing directly on WordPress, I only need to switch browser tabs, I don’t need to switch between apps. I find it easier to do.

Besides those three main things, as I said before, I use my pocket notebook occasionally. I use them only to remind me about the idea I wrote during the day, what thing to write, and what needs research.

What do you need and want in a physical space?

Well, I don’t really need too many things in a physical space to write. As long as it’s quiet and not crowded, I’m more than happy! A fast internet is another thing. I really need them to do my research. I always do some research before I write because I want to make sure that I have a good understanding about the topic before I make my thoughts and comments about the topic itself.

I often want to write in a comfortable place. A clean, not messy, place is also a want. But I usually don’t require both of them to write. I’ll be very happy if they are met, but I’m okay if they aren’t. Another “want” is a good snack to accompany me, but again, it’s not a must, I’ll be okay if I don’t have any.

Where is the ideal place to write?

So, here is what I think as the ultimate question of today’s assignment. Based on what I’ve told you before, there are three ideal space for me to write: my room, the library, and a quiet coffee shop. However, since the coffee shop will usually cost me some money for coffee or snack, I prefer the first two. But, because my university’s library is usually closed by 7 P.M., my room is the only choice left for me to write. So far, I’ve been very happy with my productivity in my room!

Now, would you mind to share about your space to write?

Note: Today’s assignment requires me to gather ideas about what to write in the future. Please tell me what you liked from my blog and what should I write in the future. You can do so by visiting my contact page. Thank you!

One thought on “The Space to Write

  1. Anywhere and everywhere! I carry my laptop in my purse so that if I’m getting my oil changed, etc., I can write. I write on lunch at work and of course from home, my couch, the bedroom if something interesting on the tv that might pull my interest, my kitchen island and when the weather is nice and cool (doesn’t happen too often in Vegas), my favorite place is outside. I have two places, one is by the pool, especially at night. This is for my heavy-duty writing, you know, you have the ideas perfectly in order for the next scene/chapter and need only the time to let your fingers fly over the keys. My other spot is what I affectionately refer to as my “inspiration” bench. I am blessed to have the most wonderful view of the multi-colored purple mountains. Of course, you can’t see them at night, but I do get to look at the Las Vegas Strip and just let my mind wander. I’m a big believer in writing wherever and whenever you can!


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