Resolutions for 2016!

Before we go, I’d like to say happy new year for all of you. Happy new year!

Well, another year has come and gone again. And now, I think it’s the perfect time to make a fresh start for my life. I’ll make some new year’s resolutions and perhaps, they will help fuel my will to change and to improve this year.

Although statistics say that over 80% of people fail at their new year’s resolutions every year and that their works toward their resolutions only lasted for a few months, I think, why don’t we try? At least it will give us a few months works toward our goals. It’s better than doing nothing!

I must say I have a long list, but I think I will write only some of them here. Well, why don’t we start? Here’s my list.

Read More Books

2015 has been a great start for my reading adventure. I started buying and reading more books that year. Although I only read about 10 books the whole year, I’m pretty happy because I’ve done worse before.

Now, I want 2016 to be better than 2015. So, I think I’ll make this a resolution to work for. I would like to finish at least 1 book every month, therefore I should’ve read at least 12 books by the end of the year. Though I will be more than happy to read more books if I have the money and the time. So, there you go, first resolution: read at least 1 book/month (12 books read by the end of the year).

Write More

Another great thing started in 2015: writing. When I started this blog, I didn’t know I’d love to write that much. I want to turn writing into a good habit this year.

Although writing a journal or notes or anything counts as writing more, I’ll measure my achievement with this blog. With 25 posts published in the past year, I know I can do better. So, why don’t we set a higher standard? Second resolution: write at least 1 blog post/week (52 posts written by the end of the year).

Learn Languages

I think I have yet to post about my wish to pursue a master degree abroad after I’m graduated this year. Well, I know I should write about this later! The thing is, when you want to pursue an education abroad, you should at least have a pretty good understanding about the language. That’s why I’ll make this one a resolution!

I’m gonna tell you that I’d like to study in either the United Kingdom, Germany, or Netherlands. Therefore, I’d have to possess an ability to communicate in either English, German, or Dutch. With a TOEFL prediction score of 600, I think I don’t have to worry about my English, although I still have to prepare myself for IELTS test since most universities prefer IELTS rather than TOEFL. So, I think I’ll focus on learning either German or Dutch (I don’t think I can do both).

How can I learn those languages? I think I’ll just use Duolingo for that since it’s both free and easy to use. To measure my achievement in languages, I’ll use the Duolingo’s fluency level. So, here goes my resolution number three: possess at least 30% fluency in Dutch or German in Duolingo.

Save More Money

For the past few years, I’d spend my money as soon as I got it. This is a very bad habit because I won’t have a single penny on the bank when the rainy days come. Then, I’ll have debts piling up to cover it. But this year, everything is going to change. I’ll make saving my first priority.

I have to admit that this isn’t the easiest thing to do. But I know that this isn’t impossible. So, for my future’s sake, here goes the fourth resolution: save at least 10% of my income.

Be Healthier

Another good thing started in 2015 which I’d like to continue and improve this year: improving my health. I started going to the gym 4 months ago and I’ve already noticed some of the benefits. So this year, I will turn it into another good habit, along with the others.

However, like people always said: fitness starts in the kitchen. I think I should also try to learn to cook myself a healthier meal this year. But, since this is a new think for me, I won’t set the bar too high. Here we go, the fifth resolution: go to the gym and cook healthy meals at least twice a week.

A pretty long post isn’t it? Let’s recap, here is my list of this year’s resolutions:

  1. Read at least 1 book/month (12 books read by the end of the year).
  2. Write at least 1 blog post/week (52 posts written by the end of the year).
  3. Possess at least 30% fluency in Dutch or German in Duolingo.
  4. Save at least 10% of my income.
  5. Go to the gym and cook healthy meals at least twice a week.

Neat! I hope I’ll accomplish all of them this year.

Now, how about you? Do you have any resolutions? What are they?


2 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2016!

  1. I don’t set New Year’s resolutions. I set daily SMART goals. Those type of goals are designed to be completed. Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic, and Time defined. If you want to write a blog post today, that is your fist goal. Just need to fill in the required time in the schedule!


    1. That’s very good! If you see my resolutions, they are all actually SMART goals too! Only the time defined is for a year to come, rather than daily.
      Well, daily goals seem good. I think I would make a daily/weekly goals too to achieve that resolutions. Thanks!


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