Level Up Your Life, Because New Year’s Resolution Sucks

Hello again!

It’s already a month in to 2016. How many of you are still keeping your new year’s resolutions? Or, are you just like the other 92% of people who failed their new year’s resolutions?

I think I belong to those 92% of failed people. In fact, can’t even remember what my new year’s resolutions were, even though I wrote them here in this blog.

Instead of doing resolutions I cannot keep, I am going to do an Epic Quest instead. This idea is built upon the idea of gamification of life. It is introduced by Steve Kamb of NerdFitness.com in his book Level Up Your Life.

Quests Instead of Resolutions

Basically, you are doing quests instead of resolutions. With the completion of a quest or task, you can gain experience points, just as you would in a game! And as you gain enough experience points, you will level up and unlock rewards. Sweet, right?

Let’s put it in an example. Imagine you would like to run a marathon. Let’s make this your epic quest. To achieve that, you need to break the epic quest down into a smaller and easier tasks and complete them. Let’s say that one of the tasks is running for 30 minutes three times a week for a month. If you can accomplish that, you are gaining experience points!

When you complete enough tasks and gain enough experience points, you will eventually level up. Ding! Then, you would be able to unlock some sweet rewards that can make it easier to achieve your quest. It can be a new running shoes, a new running clothes, or anything!

I must admit I’m an avid gamer. Nowadays, I’m wasting 2-3 hours each day on video games. I even wasted 5-6 hours a day on video games a few years ago! When I read this idea about living life as an epic game, I was very excited!

I mean, this is a lot more fun to do than the boring ol’ new year’s resolutions, right? And the reward system will keep motivating me to complete each task. It’s a perfect solution for a gamer like me.

Quests and level systems aren’t the only things that get me hooked into this system. They have a class system too! You get to be a strong warrior, an agile assassin, a well-rounded ranger, a brave adventurer, or anything. The only limit is your imagination. How cool is that?

The Party System

And a game wouldn’t be fun if you play alone, right? Well, don’t worry because we can integrate the social aspect of a game into this system. With a party system, we can play with friends and keep each other accountable.

A perfect party would consists of you, a mentor, a student, and a wildcard. This mentor is your example, anyone whose advice you value. Ideally, he or she was in your position and now has reached what you considered as your Level 50 character.

Do you know that the most efficient way to learn is by teaching what you want to learn? That’s why you need a student. Even though you’re just level 5 or 6 in your life, you can have a level 1 or level 2 student who needs your help.

A wildcard is someone who takes you to an unexpected situations. For example, if you’re a shy person, your wildcard may be a socialite. He or she will take you to a social situations you don’t even know you could handle. Or if you are a risk-averse, your wildcard may be a crazy person who will take you to hike Mount Everest, or jump from a plane, or eat a snake. Whatever!

Now, I’m crafting my alter-ego and my epic quests. When it’s finished, I will share it with you. Meanwhile, you can check out the site to create your own character, maybe we can play together someday!

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