My First Job Seeking Experience: Unilever, Pt. 1

As I have told you in the last post, I have tried to start looking for a job so that when I graduate later this year I will already have a job waiting for me. Since I’m kind of interested to work in a supply chain area for a consumer goods company, I started to look for jobs that matched my criteria. So, when I was looking for the job, I missed a lot of deadlines and only got to apply for one: Unilever Future Leaders Program.

Unilever Future Leaders Program (UFLP) is a 3 year program in which you will be trained to be a manager in a specific area. If I recall correctly, there are 5 areas available to apply for: Supply Chain, Customer Development, Marketing, Human Resources and Finance. Obviously, I only applied for supply chain area because I have no knowledge nor experience in any other area.

When I applied to this program, I searched for any kind of information regarding UFLP. But unfortunately there are very little information available on the internet. Even that very little information are pretty outdated. This is actually one of the reasons why I’m writing this: I promised to write a piece of writing once I get through all of the recruitment process so that the future prospective applicants could at least get an idea about the whole process they are going to walk through.

Long story short, I didn’t get the job. But, I actually made it to the end of the selection process. So, I know enough to give an insight about the recruitment process and what should you prepare for should you apply to this program in the future.

Online Application

This the first step and the beginning of your long journey in the UFLP selection process. You will get to fill a long list of questions regarding yourself. They might ask you about your academic degree, your past working experiences, activities and leadership positions you’ve taken in college, et cetera.

My tips for this step: these questions will help the recruiters to identify and distinguish you from thousands other applicants. Include all of your work experiences related to the function you’ve applied for and also don’t forget to include as much activities you’ve done in college as possible. Also, try to tell the recruiters why are you interested in joining the program and why they should choose you. On top of it all, fill the forms honestly because these information you give to the recruiters might be brought up later in the interview process.

Online Aptitude Test

Right after you filled the application form, you might be given a chance to take a couple of aptitude tests. One test will test your logical reasoning ability while the other will test your numerical reasoning ability. I can’t remember which test came first but if you didn’t pass the first test, you won’t get to take the second one. You will also have 2 weeks after you submitted your application to take the test.

My tips for this step: each test will take 30-40 minutes and you have 2 weeks to do that, so take your time and take the test only when you are ready. I thought the logical reasoning test was easy, but the numerical reasoning test was quite challenging. When you are about to take the numerical reasoning test, prepare your calculator, a piece of paper, and a pen, it might come handy, trust me! You can also try to do some practice tests to prepare yourself, you can find a lot of them online.

What’s next?

You actually have to do 2 more steps if you passed both aptitude tests, online interview and assessment centre. But I thought this post has gotten far too long than I expected. So, I think I will just write another post for the online interview and the assessment centre. Stay tuned!

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