Procrastination and Creativity

Just like yesterday, today’s Writing 101 assignment is about responding to something. But unlike yesterday, today I should response to someone’s tweet, instead of a picture. So, I’ve chosen this tweet about procrastination and creativity because I would like to know the answer too! Continue reading “Procrastination and Creativity”

You Are Not Stuck In Traffic, You Are The Traffic

Today’s Writing 101 assignment is to pick one of four images and try to write something about it. As I was looking at the image, I found one that struck my mind. It was this image of a busy city. I immediately think to write something about it, particularly about traffic. Continue reading “You Are Not Stuck In Traffic, You Are The Traffic”

How to Deal With Uncertainty

I took a test to learn my decision making style recently. It turns out that I’m a data-driven decision maker. It means that my decision is based on the information I have. Numbers, research and reason is key to the decision I make and the path I take. I always plan before I do something. Even a little uncertainty can stop me from taking an action. Uncertainties often left me confused and anxious. Uncertainty is my enemy, I fear them. Continue reading “How to Deal With Uncertainty”

6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

You may have known some ways to keep your body healthy. Be it doing some regular exercises, eating healthy foods, sleeping better. There’s a chance that you’re currently doing those things. But, what most people don’t realize is that our brain, just like our body, also need to be treated the right way to keep it sharp and healthy otherwise our brain’s ability will keep going down. Now, I’m going to tell you some simple ways to keep your mind sharp. Continue reading “6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp”